What can a strategy session do for me?

So you’re an entrepreneur? You are a go-getter and you know you want to be in a business that YOU run. You’re the BOSS, you determine the product or service and you are going to KILL it!

I hear you…

You’re at 1 of the following 4 stages:


You are still employed at a job, under someone else’s rule, receiving a paycheck from a company who determines your worth. You really don’t have a clue what you want to do but you’re tired of working for someone else and unless you became an instant millionaire overnight after the Powerball shows your numbers, you see living and dying in your cube at work and it scares you so you’re ready to ACT NOW.


You are no longer employed either by privilege, choice or not your choice, you’re not dead yet, you know a lot of cool stuff and want some money to support you or your family. You have nothing but time, ideas and a little bit of money to invest in your business.


You have already begun structuring your business (somewhere in the neighborhood of a 1 – 3 year period), you’ve done a little research, you know some online tactics and tools but you’re ready to really go all in and make this thing work. You may already have some clients or customers but you’re not sure how to maximize what you know and market yourself effectively to charge correctly. You have no real plans or goals but you’re ready to take what you know already and invest in your fledgling business.


You have been building your business for a period of time (usually 3+ years) and you’re aware that you’ve hit a ceiling. You know enough to bring in a little income, you’re not exactly where you want to be, you see potential for growth but just don’t know where to go from here. You’re not a baby so you can speak intelligibly about Internet and marketing but you need a little guidance to take your business to the next level.

Depending on where you are in your lifecycle will determine the level of help you need. After going through the same lifecycle above for nearly a decade, and back again and round and round, I know the pursuit of happiness in life is a journey. You want a business that will provide for your lifestyle and not one you’re married to or a slave to.

I understand – having said that, the fastest way to a point is a straight line. There’s a time to meander and figure things out and it should be in the beginning. Once you know what you want, getting there should be calculated, panned and goal-oriented.

During the strategy sessions I offer my clients I help you determine your goals. These can be long-term business goals or short-term goals based on struggles you’re facing NOW. For the person stuck at work still, it may mean simply getting some direction on how to begin the transition to business ownership. For the more mature business, it could mean implementing some advanced strategies to create another stream of income or automate and repeat processes to bring in passive income.

Whatever your needs, finding out what and how is my passion. I’ve been working along side business owners for years and I THRIVE in challenges and have a gift for overcoming obstacles.

Being a high-energy single mother of 4 who has long ago left the workforce to develop the lifestyle I want for my children and I, I have not taken the statement, “You can’t do it” well. The more difficult the roadblock, the harder I work to get over it or through it. I can do this for you in your business and who knows, may bring you to the point in your career that you finally reach your destiny. What is that for you? Maybe it only takes 1 phone call!

You don’t have anything to lose, it’s on me and you could be gaining a life-changing, business-growing nugget of truth or power that will take you over the hurdle you face today.

Book your risk-free strategy session today! I won’t do this forever, so grab some time NOW!